Fall council meeting

Calling all Transition Putney Members, this is a council meeting invitation!

Please mark your calendar for October, 22nd. @ Putney Town Hall  7:00 – 8:00 pm (perhaps later)

Forming a complete council group is the next phase of Transition Town Putney.

Leading up to the Great Unleashing celebration on May 5th when the original Transition Town core group officially disbanded, they had attempted to create a critical mass of projects, and working groups to help sustain the movement.

The original working groups include: Putney Farmers Market, Putney Community Garden, Sustainability Group, One Call Does it all, Healthy Aging, Putney Student Corps, Mediation and communications group, Putney Energy Committee, Local Investing Group, Local Currency group, Discover Putney and others…

Other groups are welcome, including; Town of Putney – for work on the Energy Descent Action Plan and other projects, Next Stage Arts, Putney Cares, Putney Family Services, and any we may have not mentioned.

This next phase is to bring (selected or elected) representatives from each working group to serve as council members.

This is a critical meeting for working groups to attend, as it sets the stage for future collaboration and the direction that the towns people want to see Transition Putney take. Consider this an all board meeting for Transition.

If you are part of a group already formed , or have an idea for a group that represents Putney working towards resilience as we face the challenges of climate change & peak oil, please join in the conversation!

This is the new beginning. Your participation is requested.

-the Transition Putney Core interim team