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The short history of the Putney community garden… started from the first Transition Open Space meetings as Transition Putney launched the first of several projects, in the spring of 2010.

Transition Putney operates on the concept of building community resilience and self reliance. The Putney community garden was the first project that Transition Putney undertook; it was born from the desire to grow food in the open spaces with plenty of sunlight, in community with plenty of people, and in cooperation with other farmers and growers for help, guidance and plants.

Standing in a field of grass in late spring (early June) just south of the coop in 2010 a group Transition members decided to “go for it” after a rallying pep talk from Howie Prussack of High Meadow Farms; who said “lets do this now, who knows what will happen next year”.

We had the Putney school plow and rotovate the field which we quickly planted in cover crop.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy mid July we were fully planted!

The gardens were created with 20 plots the first year, 2 additional plots were added for the Vermont Food Bank and the Putney food shelf.

The Putney Community Gardens were born by donations of time, labor and love.

The gardens started off right away and grew (with plenty of hand delivered water, organic compost, lots of work) into a big, beautiful, lush productive cornucopia allowing us to provide donations of fresh organic produce to the local Putney food shelf and the Vermont Food Bank.

In the second year we had thirty-eight members and forty-six plots in cultivation. For a nominal annual fee, members get a sunny 9×20’ area of fertile land. The Transition group supplies a list service to help with coordination, free compost and free wood chip mulch for plots and paths, farmers drop off free plants for us to grow amazing organic vegetables all season long. Garden coordination expanded to a three way team, with semi regular meetings of a larger group of garden members.

To join, gardener’s must agree to take good care of the plot, using only organic amendments, (no chemicals or harmful pesticides), put in a certain number of hours each season assisting with community garden chores, such as mulching and weeding the pathways and helping with the composting, watering systems…etc. For this effort you get to meet your neighbors, work outdoors, learn about and grow your own healthy vegetables, breath clean air, and soak up warm sunshine while surrounded by lovely flowers, grown by members of your community. There are often weekly gatherings to share gardening tips and ideas, and a group meal while working together to build a more sustainable and enjoyable way of living.

During this second harvest season we have had weekly potlucks out at the garden using mostly grown on-site ingredients for our meals.

In our third year we reached 60 plots and 36 gardeners! We also created a board to handle all the details of running a large garden.

Our forth year brings 70 plots (4 in the hoop house, with a second hoop house planned)

In our 6th year we completed a second hoop house and expanded the garden slightly to 75 plots!

Thanks go out to The Putney School, High Meadows Farm, The Gateway Association, the COOP and the many gardeners that made this successful project a reality.

You can view us on Google earth, and use the time line feature to look back over the garden years.

Google image early 2016…

Now in our 7th year as of April 30th 2017 we have added a few small plots. Working on a more sustainable water system, and a more sustainable future.

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