2015 Annual Meeting

Attendance: 18 total, six of the Governing


  • GC report
  • ByLaws
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Annual Agreement
  • What worked?
  • What can we do better?
  • Other business

GC report : Louise and Daniel

Successful year.  Some lots were not taken. Most looking forward to next year, with new gardeners expected.  Looking forward to making more of a garden community.

Among the 575 hours recorded, 145 were in meetings and 365 in work parties and garden work.

Most paths were refreshed, some improvements in paths around the compost areas and other places, no major explosions with the water system.. Burying hoses seems to have helped to keep the hoses cool and prevent degradation. Second hoop house planned for the spring season.

ByLaws: Pamela

Reasons for modifications to the bylaws… explained by Pamela.


  • one person can only run for one office in each election year
  • calendar specific changes when garden season begins and ends and other things that need to happen for the functioning of the garden.
  • need the ability for the governing committee to have an executive session
  • created election officials and specific procedures for running an election
  • cleaning up language to be consistent
  • specifications for warning changes to the document

Discussion of executive session and what it is for. Suggestion that we the governing committee revisit the need for an executive session. Maybe we should have a policy for an executive session, members invited to join an ad hoc group to work on this.

Treasurers Report : Wendy

$479.64 current balance

$150.00 in plot deposits.

Manure is donated, but transport is paid for ~ $80. per full truck load..

Annual Agreement

Discussion centered on the time frame for work hours to be completed. After much discussion the following changes were made by vote to the agreement:

1)   Under “ I,__________________ agree to the following:”

Change #4 to read: “To complete the required hours of community gardening work(outside of my plot) by the end of the growing season (November 30) ; (1/2 of the per plot hours are to be completed by Aug. 1) or, in the event of extenuating circumstances, to communicate with coordinators to make my arrangements for completing hours.

From: “To complete the required hours of community gardening work(outside of my plot) during the growing season; (1/2 of the per plot hours are to be completed by Aug. 1) or, in the event of extenuating circumstances to communicate with coordinators to make my arrangements for completing hours.

2)  Under “All members…”

Change the statement next to the check-off-spot to read:”I understand that failure to meet the agreements may result in the loss of deposit and gardening privileges.”

From: “I understand that failure to meet the agreements will result in the loss of deposit and gardening privileges”

The agreement was approved by the membership as amended.

What worked? The garden membership offered feedback as to “what worked” and “what needs improvement”. The following list was generated:

What Worked What Needs Improvement
Work Parties-frequency, variety, and day of week options More milk-weed control
Water System Vary the day of potlucks to include as many as people as possible
Compost system and available compost Turn water on as soon as possible
Pamela’s compost workshop Coordinate with Farmer’s Market
Potlucks Create something for garden visitors and include guidelines for the visit –Post at kiosk
Less sunflowers Gleaning Coordinator
Response to blight & community effort to eradicate Post information at Kiosk regarding: opportune times to plant, harvest, and other garden knowledge
Pest Patrol Work Party Work on community outreach
Improve cover crop & use of

Election Results

The results of the By-Law vote and elections were announced:

23 members voted.

The  New Bylaws passed!

The following members were elected to the Governing Committee: Louise Garfield, Chair; Wendy Wilson, Treasurer; Annamarie Pluhar, Secretary; Daniel Hoviss, Coordinator; Tom Deshaies, Coordinator; Member at Large, Pamela Cubbage; Member at Large, Mary Head.

Other business

  • Daniel made a suggestion to create a “sick bank” of hours, and offered a proposal of how it could work. Some members agreed this could be beneficial. This idea will be further explored (in an upcoming meeting).
  • Shanna made a proposal that we schedule a member meeting to discuss the issue of hours for the coming season. All agreed this would be beneficial.  Daniel added this could take the form of a “forum” as it has in the past.
  • Kathleen proposed that an annual member meeting to discuss hours become a norm for the garden. Furthermore, she suggested that it occur prior to the official Annual Meeting and that a non-GC member facilitate it. Many liked this idea considering it as a time to hash out ideas, hear each other, and work together. Further discussion anticipated.
  • Pamela presented an opportunity offered to the garden by Christopher Irion- purchasing a type of tomato stock that can be grafted to another plant. About 100 orders are needed to make it a go…more info from Pamela forthcoming.
  • Jeanette Pfeiffer would like to serve on the ‘executive session’ Ad hoc Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.

 Link to Google Doc (These minutes are kept in a google doc)

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