2016 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Agenda

GC Present: Tom, Wendy, Pamela, Daniel, Mary, Annamarie

Absent: Louise

Members Present: Chris, Shana, Kathleen




Go around room and say one thing about what the garden meant to them this year.

Items to vote on Election

Coordinator’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

New Policy on Hours and Fees

Executive Committee Policy

What worked?/What didn’t?

New Business

Bulk order



Coordinators’ Report


Tom reports good year. People completing their hours, garden looks good. Daniel got new wood chips. We need new source of stakes. Lots of work parties this year, good turnout ,and well attended. Work parties were held at different times of the day and days of the week. We are losing five gardeners. Harry Browser, Holly Hammond, Costastinos Konstantinos, Lisa Chase and Sarah Dukes.


The hoop house was a partial success this year. Some lessons learned.


Treasurer’s Report

Good year. Report attached.

Garden Materials are leaf mulch and manure.

Water Systems Costs are for nozzles and washers etc.

We have fund of $864.31 of which $250 is deposits for this year.

$614.31 is what we have in the bank. Water costs $300.

We’re in good shape.

Click on link to view file.

Download (PDF, 27KB)

2016, Fees and Hours

Started with a proposal from Mary to equalize the requirements in both money and work hours. The GC discussed this over two meetings and voted on it in December. The new rates are in this link.


Executive Session Policy

Came out of the Annual Meeting last year. This is the policy that came out of the Ad-hoc committee. Kathleen and Mary H. met once, there was a proposal that was adopted by the GC. It can be found here.

What worked, what didn’t work?

This is a list, commentary and discussion kept to a minimum.

What Worked? What Didn’t Worked?
Lots of people showed up for work parties and that was good Carrying over hours from a past season (2014) plus technical issues..
Gardens looked great, paths looked good On-line page didn’t work for Chris
Great abundance Miscommunication about overgrown plants

Into paths

Water system worked
Donations to food shelf and coordination with of Lani was awesome

Potluck coordination

Potluck coordination
Filling all the plots and getting full membership
New members really contributed and benefited and were appreciative. Some new weren’t appreciative.
People who invited friends and family to help at work parties. Getting people to come to Annual Meeting
The idea of having Garden ambassadors was not really done, just once.
Greenhouse could be improved. 


Election Results

All the people running uncontested won.

Wendy continues at Treasurer.

Mary Head Chair

Thank you Louise Garfield  for your service

Shana Frank new Secretary

Thank you Annamarie for your service.

Tom and Daniel continue as Garden Coordinators.

Annamarie and Emily elected Members at Large

Thank you Pamela Cubbage and Mary Head for your service.


New Business

Investigate corner markers (as used by Catherine Karmen) and see if we can buy them instead of using stakes.

Emerson Brook(Alstead, NH)  is holding a seed celebration and all day event on  February 13. Workshops and food and keynote! Shana will see if there are people who want to go.


Next meeting of the GC: Monday February 8, 6 PM at the Library.



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