Ad Hoc Committee Guidelines

The governing committee (GC) may convene an ad hoc committee at the request of a gardner or the GC to clarify or evaluate existing policies and guidelines or to develop new initiatives of the community garden.

Ad hoc committees will be composed of one or two members of the governing committee and 3-4 gardeners interested in working on the topic of that the ad hoc committee, for a maximum of 5 members on an ad hoc committee. One GC member of any ad hoc committee will act as the spokesperson of the committee and a liason between the GC and the ad hoc committee. The GC liason will present clear expectations of the work to the committee, such as the scope of a project, a timeline for the work, and any other relevant information. The ad hoc committee will meet as needed to accomplish the necessary work. They will then present their results to the GC.

The GC will receive results of any ad hoc committee as advisory. The decisions made by ad hoc committee members are not binding unless approved by the GC.

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