Disputes and Grievances

As with any community, problems between members can arise. Differing gardening styles and differing personalities can clash and escalate into a dispute or grievance. Here are procedures that might help resolve a dispute with a fellow gardener, or settle a grievance against the Governing Committee because of a decision it had made.

Grievance Policy and Procedure (Between a gardener and the Governing Committee)

Gardener-to-Gardener Dispute Procedure:

1) Try to discuss the problem with the gardener him/herself.
2) Offer a compromise if possible.
3) If an understanding cannot be reached, contact a co-ordinator to discuss the matter.
4) The co-ordinator will mediate to resolve the issue.
5) If the resolution is not satisfactory to either party, he/she may take the dispute to the Appeals Board who will make a decision based on the Grievance Policy.

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