Work-hours Policy

 1)     Work-hours: As per our annual agreement, each member is required to fulfill an allotted number of work-hours per year in an effort to maintain and support the overall functioning and health of the Putney Community Garden. Please note we ask that 1/2 your work-hours be completed by Aug 1st.

Required Hours per Plot Size

Plot Size Garden Hours
Standard 8
Small 4
Medium 6.5
Large 16
Hoop House 2

2)     Each gardener is required to fulfill half of his/her work-hours working in the garden on community garden tasks.

3)     Members may fulfill work-hours in multiple ways throughout the year:

a)     Garden work parties, which are regularly scheduled throughout the season.

b)     Independent work completing approved garden tasks which are posted on the garden website and in the handbook.

c)      Independent work completing atypical garden tasks that have been pre-approved by the garden coordinators (using the Garden Task Proposal form).

d)     Work-hours may be accrued through meeting participation, per plot, per year, as follows:

Monthly Governing Committee Meetings 2 hours total per year
Ad-hoc Committee Participation 5 hours per committee
Grievance Committee Unlimited

4)     Elected members of the Governing Committee may accrue work-hours in their service of running the garden and in meetings.
It is expected that they will also participate in garden activities.

5)     Each member is responsible for the maintaining the garden paths surrounding his/her own plots(s).
Yes you get credit for this work.


  1. Working for your neighbor or loaning hours to a member is now an option in the hour system, please choose “Transfer hours” from the list. If you do this, please remind your neighbor to subtract hours from their account by making an entry with negative hours (example; -2) and please write in a note. If someone works or loans you hours please subtract that amount from your account.
  2. Watering, weeding, and path-work are things you can do for your neighbor, but please make a note in the hour systems description section.
  3. Community plots (when available) have a set number of hours per member assigned. Please check in with coordinators, before logging additional hours for these plots.
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