Hoop House Policy – 2017

There are two hoop houses each divided into 4 plots.

The hoop house plots will continue to be used by individual PCG members with associated plot fees and garden hours required: $5 and 2 garden hours per plot for the 2017 season. The Governing Committee will announce the availability of these plots to all gardeners in good standing. If more than 8 gardeners express interest in having a plot, a lottery will be used to decide which gardeners will be given the use of a plot, with preference going to gardeners who have not had a hoop house plot in the past.

Since the hoop houses are a shared resource, please:

  1. Do not store anything in the hoop house. Items left, may be removed;
  2. Keep an eye on the doors during cold or hot weather so that plants do not freeze or dry out;
  3. Treat fellow gardeners sharing the hoop house with respect, honoring it as a communal space;
  4. Adhere to the PCG Guidelines, Practices, and Procedures.
  5. Do not plant invasive plants, or plants that block out all the light from reaching other plots.
  6. Attend a mandatory hoop house orientation at the start of the season.
Failure to abide by this policy may result in a loss of hoop house privileges.
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