Work-hours Deferral Policy

The Work-hours Deferral Policy provides members the option to defer their work-hours obligation should they experience difficulties fulfilling them. The unfilled work hours will be completed during subsequent season(s) by arrangement with a Garden Coordinator.

To request a deferment a member should contact one of the two Garden Coordinators. The Coordinators will confer to decide if a deferral is appropriate. In the event that the Coordinators are unable to make a decision, the request will be sent to the Governing Committee which will call an Executive Session if necessary. Throughout the process, the member’s privacy will be strictly protected.

Please note that garden members may give or loan work-hours to any other member of the garden, but no garden member is obligated to do so. Arrangements made between the parties in this way do not need Governing Committee approval.

Approved by the Governing Committee
11 July 2016

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