Cold Frames

Do you want to do season extension using cold frames?

There are many resources for this, using a variety of materials from wood and glass to plastic and foam boards. Much of the materials can be salvaged at any construction site.

But first what is a cold frame and why would you use one?
A cold frame is any construction that keeps cold out and lets light in. Cold frames are like mini green houses, only with lids rather than doors. Cold frames allow you to eat fresh produce well into thanksgiving and possibly later. They allow starting a garden crop 6-8 weeks sooner than normal – to start plants earlier then direct sowing, and to enjoy gardening longer. There are many creative solutions to accomplish this goal.

Below are some plans based on the Elliot Coleman design, and enhanced by Christopher Irion.

These are lightweight and easy to assemble. Easy to take apart and store, and will last many seasons.
The estimated material cost (if you have to purchase anything) is about $20.00 + an hour or two in labor.  Ready to build your own?

Click here to view the tutorial.

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