Voting results for annual meeting

What a great turnout! I am so very proud to be part of such an engaged group: the vast majority of Garden Members voted, and at least 14 people (by my last count) came to the Storefront for the potluck meeting. There was good food and cheer and discussion, and I am more optimistic than ever for the positive growth of the Garden.

The Guidelines passed by 2/3 majority of Garden Members.

The ‘one-member one-vote’ proposal (#3) and the ‘majority v 2/3 vote’ (proposal #4) also passed.

Work hours #3 (‘leave things as they are’) passed, and ideas around needed changes, strategies, and possible policies were shared.

Option 3, ‘no term limits’ passed, and there was some discussion about revisiting term limits with a three year span instead of two.

Meet your new Garden Stewards:

Tom Deshaies

Mary Head

Susan Grabowski

Kate Roome

Emily McAdoo

Deb Lazar

Wendy Wilson

Thank you all for your participation and care, and here’s to a great growing season!


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