Transition Putney what is the buzz all about?’

Is Transition Town Putney still active? Yes and no, we have a list-serve and infrequent meetings. As an adhoc group we do not have regular meetings, but please contact us, if you would like to be on the mailing list.

What happened to Transition Putney?

Why Transition? Central to the Transition Town movement is the idea that a life without oil could in fact be far more enjoyable and fulfilling than the present: by shifting our mind-set we can actually recognize the coming post-cheap oil era as an opportunity rather than a threat, and design the future low carbon age to be thriving, resilient and abundant — somewhere much better to live than our current alienated consumer culture based on greed, war and the myth of perpetual growth. Over 300 towns and cities around the world are responding to the triple challenges of;

Key areas we were looking at; Local Food and food security, Local Health and healing systems to enhance the quality of life for all ages and economic status, Sustainable energy practices, Local Currency, transportation systems that use little energy, Art and transition culture, and more… join us on the list service!

If you are interested in part of the movement please come to our next event, join our List serv or contact us. How can a small group of people reading a book make such a big difference? Because it is the whole community that really gets involved… You can view our mission statement and join in the fun of our many community events and join in the excitement of community involvement.