Logistical Norms

1.Utilize all outlets for communication:

there is an expectation that the community will know what the group is doing. (We have a newsletter, flyer’s, outside publication)

2. Take responsibility for the success of your events:

a. Elect a point person for every event you put on, one person who you know will be at the event, who is responsible for picking up Transition Materials from the office and returning them after the event. (This person is not responsible for the whole of event planning; they are simply a person on site to make decisions)

b. Advertise within your group and social circles, put up more flyers, and publicize the event in the local papers.

c. Know the space for your event, plan your seating, AV Tech needs, etc.

d. Know your Volunteer Needs, find people within your group or social circles to fill the needs. – See Volunteer Parameters for Events.

e. Develop a relationship based on collaboration with the Transition Office and their Capable Volunteers and Community development officers, they are there to help you through the process, we have handbooks, and simple directions for events, we are there to support you.