Minutes from May 28th

5/28/2013 Core Meeting Minutes

Present: Claire, Tiffin, Alice, Kathleen, Paul, Mimi, Daniel, Jon, Marion

Facilitated by Claire

Note taker: Marion

  • Check-in go around
  • Agenda Items
    • Review minutes: approved
    • Conflict Resolution Report from Paul:
      • For working group communications and effective communications
      • There is an event on June 3rd on communication and mediation
      • Tom Trenchard (Sp?) is interested in mediating for Transition Putney
      • Next steps: Wait for Tom to respond to Paul’s quarry of attending the meetings also invite Jon Stein (Sp?)
  • Structure and Procedures of Core Group
    • Consensus reached when revisiting the mission
    • decision making:
      • Agenda and minutes to be posted on web site to inform the public
      • who’s involved in decision making?
        • Anyone in community vs anyone who meets the criteria (ex: number of meetings attended)
        • The sample constitutions from other towns stated that consensus is used whenever possible then majority when necessary (This link is the web site with the sample constitutions http://transitionus.org/resources/constitutions)
    • Structure:
      • Responsibilities of facilitation
        • send the agenda to core and put up on the web-site in a timely manner (at least 5 days prior to meeting)
        • Daniel could show with a computer how to access and edit the web-site
        • Minutes within the week to be posted and sent out
        • Message listserv about where to access agenda and minutes
        • Post agenda on doorways
        • Facebook occasional updates of meetings and where to find agenda and minutes
        • Times of the meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday: 12 noon and 5:30
  •  NEGEF Grant/ Training:
    • report: no problem that the year is out, report should be submitted when it’s done
    • Training with Susel (Sp?): 8 people needed
    • Next step: find out when
  • New Business:
    • Web-site details
      • Does not include a number of groups as the transfer of information from old to new was not as involved as expected
  • Next Meeting: June 11th at noon at the Barn
    • Talk about reskilling workshops and what to include on the web-site in relation to what groups are active now
    • Free University (Paul)
    • An education through art project with Jon