Minutes June 25th 2013

Minutes 6-25-13

Facilitator: Steve

Note taker: Marion

Present: Alice, Claire, Mimi, Enza, Marion, Yada, Paul, Steve, Jonathan, Daniel

Agenda Items:

  • Check-in
  • Approve minutes
  • Discussion of working groups and website
  • Reminder of Permaculture Convergence in July
  • Update from Jonathan about his project
  • Review Marion’s schedule
  • Newsletter Details
  • Word Press training
  • Old business: EDAP, Free University
  • New Business and next meeting


Check-in and announcements

  • Daniel: Bike Painting is on Sunday (Details to be sent out?)
  • Welcome to Enza

Last meeting minutes: approved

Discussion of working groups and website

  • Mimi: looking through the website, she found there were a few things missing from pull down menus (working groups listed), from the write up of what we do, and from the mission statement
    • missing working groups were: artists group and theater group
    • Reskilling should be added to pull down menu
    • she thinks the “transition culture” and Putney Asset sections are great
    • Sustainable food systems are missing from the website – this is very important to the transition movement – reskillings are a part of this
      • this should be added to homepage and mission statement
      • Mimi is happy to draft these and send them out to everyone for approval
      • Daniel: The reason the website is lacking some working groups is because of the transition of the transition core groups, the working groups were supposed to send information to feed into the website which didn’t happen
      • Consensus is that once we all learn how to use the website we will all be able to edit it.  Important things such as the mission statement and homepage should be drafted and approved by the core group before posted online
        • if running a project/ working group it is part of responsibility to update you’re event on the website
        • Paul: the website has always been a weak link.  To be strong it needs someone who knows:
          1) how to create website
          2) the philosophy of transition
          3) and everything that’s happening here

          • it also needs to be engaging

Jonathan’s Update

  • The project has taken a turn to showing what is being done with sustainable food systems in the area such as gleaning and is trying to focus on bridging the gap or cultural preferences within the community
  • Mimi: is really interested in Alice’s idea of the frugal cookbook.  Bouncing off of that, a new project she wants to do is submit a column to the Commons which features a story and a recipe.  It would be kicked off with her story of making food from what she had and a very limited budget and would have a recipe.  Then it would feature other’s stories and recipes.  Transition Putney would support it/ her column would represent TTP
    • Consensus is that it should be submitted to both the website and Commons (if copyright allows)
    • Paul: could this project piggyback on something else? to gain more traction
    • Daniel: It could be under the recipe section on website

Marion’s Schedule/ activities

  • Marion: will have floating office hours around Putney
    • General Store, Between Burt’s and the Library, the Coop, Mnt Paul’s, Daniel’s office, the Farmer’s Market
    • Will have a sign inviting people to talk about transition and will have information on how to get involved.  Basically PR—get the word out!


  • Monthly newsletter updating on the activities of TTP with a featured article on the first page (four pages all together)
  • It will have reports from working groups, the mission statement, a calendar of upcoming events, and a list of the working groups and their contacts
  • Will be sent out to listserv and printed to hand out during “office” hours and Farmers Market ect.  Paying for printing will be upfront as long as it’s under $50 (the is the re-agreed upon limit for printing and any other TTP expenses) If it’s over $50, it should be approved before the event
  • a mock-up will be sent out to the core group for approval before released to the public
  • the working group reports will be written up by the working group member
  • Word limit will be sent out ASAP
  • What will be in July’s newsletter:
    • featured article will be on Dan Foster’s Tick Talk—(will be interview style as he is unable to write up a report himself)
    • Jonathan will report on his project
    • Marion will write how to get involved blurb
    • A farmer’s market write up of each vendor
    • green bike project
    • Gleaning
    • maybe Meagan Benzel will write about her non-profits
    • There is a two week deadline from this past meeting to get the reports to me mmajor1@uvm.edu so July 9 (next meeting’s date)
    • Please send me any upcoming events for end of July- August to put in the calendar!

Old Business

  • EDAP: Alice will get more detailed information about the energy plan and other energy related events/ programs at the activist meeting July 7th-14th
    • a working group about this will start up after she gets back
    • EDAP is already in the town plan—perhaps we could have a liaison for this?
    • Free University: Paul
      • it will be semi encompassed in transition Putney – the reskillings for instance will be supported by TTP but other classes will be outside of TTP
      • There are no clear parameters as of yet—he’s hoping for the consensus of the group to be: let’s just go and do it

New Business and Next Meeting

  • informative brochure should be put together to pass out – Jonathan is collecting blurbs!
  • the mission statement draft
  • Marion is now in charge of the listserv
  • Facilitation styles: should it be standardized or should we accept the style of facilitation will change with the rotating chair?
    • standard of conduct during the meeting should be a conversation
    • Daniel: education workshop for solar installers?
    • Word press training time
    • Next meeting: July 9th 12 noon at Putney Cares