Fall council meeting

Posted October 9, 2012 By danielhoviss

Calling all Transition Putney Members, this is a council meeting invitation!

Please mark your calendar for October, 22nd. @ Putney Town Hall  7:00 – 8:00 pm (perhaps later)

Forming a complete council group is the next phase of Transition Town Putney.

Leading up to the Great Unleashing celebration on May 5th when the original Transition Town core group officially disbanded, they had attempted to create a critical mass of projects, and working groups to help sustain the movement.

The original working groups include: Putney Farmers Market, Putney Community Garden, Sustainability Group, One Call Does it all, Healthy Aging, Putney Student Corps, Mediation and communications group, Putney Energy Committee, Local Investing Group, Local Currency group, Discover Putney and others…

Other groups are welcome, including; Town of Putney – for work on the Energy Descent Action Plan and other projects, Next Stage Arts, Putney Cares, Putney Family Services, and any we may have not mentioned.

This next phase is to bring (selected or elected) representatives from each working group to serve as council members.

This is a critical meeting for working groups to attend, as it sets the stage for future collaboration and the direction that the towns people want to see Transition Putney take. Consider this an all board meeting for Transition.

If you are part of a group already formed , or have an idea for a group that represents Putney working towards resilience as we face the challenges of climate change & peak oil, please join in the conversation!

This is the new beginning. Your participation is requested.

-the Transition Putney Core interim team


Call to action

Posted October 4, 2012 By danielhoviss
As you may know Transition Putney underwent a transition and celebration of it’s own in May 2012 – as all Transition groups are required to do (according to the Transition model step 4 & 10)

Yes Transition is a 12 step group, and as such creates a series of steps to follow – these steps provide a framework for results that do seem to work.

Over the past several years I have had the honor to serve as a core Transition member with a group of dynamic individuals that are committed to change in Putney. It is a pleasure to see the inspiration that our group – our town, has provided for other towns forming their own Transition initiatives.

In this core group we had incredible results; hundreds of reskilling workshops, lectures, movies, and community events. A farmers market, a community garden and many working groups – loosely associated with Transition Putney. An Asset Mapping group was formed, a Discover Putney initiative bloomed, a local currency group was started, a local investment group formed and unformed (hopefully to reform), a sustainability group formed, a local community supported restaurant is happening soon, a healthy aging group or two formed and the Putney Town plan was modified to include an Energy Descent Action Plan. All these groups (and others not mentioned) have contributed to the success and reach of the Putney Transition Movement.

Reminder – It is a movement comprised of all those people in town that would like to see change – not just a small group of people making decisions – that made Transition Putney a success.

In May we held the celebrations called the Great Unleashing – with food and live music. We had our symbolic group closure and we officially ended the Transition core team involvement. This was not an end to our community involvement.

What happened next was a surprise to us…

The initial Transition core group had called for all the working groups to select a representative to serve on a new council of workgroups.

These community selected members would then serve as the new “core” group to facilitate and provide a cohesive center for the widely varying working groups. The old core worked at creating a conflict resolution group, and had created relationships with the schools and with SIT for interns. We thought we had laid the groundwork for success…


Not many groups came forward.

The transition of our own group (IMHO) has not been one of our successes, perhaps we are a hard act to follow, perhaps there are just not enough people with a desire to see change occur, perhaps the timing was off. I really do not know the answer – but here is what I do know.

Transition initiatives can only survive and flourish if people get involved.

It is helpful to use these guiding principals as a reference, with the idea that no one really has all the answers.

I can say that when a movement or group of individuals come under fire for not doing enough, or not being transparent enough – that criticism can undermine an entire organization – so I encourage all of us to stay positive, to look at what was done, (as a best effort), and to lend a hand making it better, better… better!

So this is a call to action – in the next few days the new Transition Putney Group will announce a meeting to gather us together. If you are part of a working group, or want to start one – this is your time!

You might be wondering what responsibilities come with being a member of the new Council Group. In short, the Group’s mission is to help ensure that Transition Putney thrives as a community-driven, welcoming, apolitical, all-inclusive initiative that helps people to connect with one another across age, political, socio-economic, and all other divides (this is not easy).  Each member of the Council Group will work to honor the dreams and visions of the larger community, and to act in a way that encourages involvement, kindness, and growth among all of us in town.  There is a time commitment, in that Group members meet every few weeks – defined by your ability to be involved. Each Group member also keeps the Council Group updated on what is happening in their own Working Groups.

This is a call for the new council group to rise up – to self organize to meet and fill the vacuum that was created in May.

So dear friends – this is not good bye – this is hello to a new and more inclusive group, and a new chapter in Transition Putney’s history. I remain involved on the following teams; Web site and list services, funding and outreach, local currency, green bike project and energy. If you want to be a part of any of these please contact me. We have a lot of work to do and really really need your help.

-Daniel Hoviss

In Transition!


Transition News

Posted September 23, 2012 By danielhoviss

Dear friends.

The initiators of Transition Putney have done such a wonderful job for almost 3 years.

They have initiated programs, workshops and group events open to all, and have also supported the creation of ongoing projects & working groups such as the farmers market, the community gardens, healthy aging, Discover Putney, One call does it all, the Sustainability group, and more.

As this original core groups steps aside, encouraging others to move Transition Putney forward, each working group has been asked to select a representative to sit on a council for this next phase of Transition Town Putney. We need to have one member from each working group or project on the council in order to continue to function as a Transition initiative and follow the model of Transition town.

A few of us have met as council members, and expect that an enlarged council will begin regular meetings starting later in the autumn – we will announce a meeting schedule shortly. Our intention is to support ideas brought to us from the community at large, and support each group’s goals & needs, bearing in mind the goals of the world-wide Transition movement – working locally to address the reality that oil resources are finite, the challenges of climate change and the  and the economic instability caused by burning so much carbon that the climate changes and it’s effects on the entire planet become alarmingly clear.

While no one could possibly have all the answers and certainly we do not, we are willing to work towards building Putney’s resilience in the time of world transition.

We are all in this town, in this nation and in this world, together. So on we go, working together.

With thanks to the many groups and individuals working for a vibrant future for our town, we humbly work beside you all.

On behalf of the entire Transition Putney Council Group

and with great appreciation from,

Kathleen, Claire & Tiffin