Re-vitilizing Transition

In 2016 TTP held two public meetings;
1. What does a sustainable future look like. About 25 ppl attended.
2. Transition projects – what’s next. about 30 ppl attended, and we talked about possible new projects, education center, co-working center, maker space, and so on. Several members were to take the lead on finding locations


In 2017 Paul and Bonnie hosted an event;
Listening to Signal: A Film about Climate Change

April 27 2017 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Putney Library

Imagine sitting in a circle with a group of remarkable women (scientists, philosophers, artists, writers, educators, cultural anthropologists) who are ready to look honestly at the climate crisis: What does our changing climate mean for life on Earth? Why is it happening? How do we choose to respond? Can we live now for the world we wish to see?



Stay tuned for news about our next project.