Past Transition Putney Initiatives

Some of our past initiatives are:

  1. Putney Farmers Market! Changing the face of local food in Putney.
  2. Healers Directory – Listings of local healers, and wellness providers.
  3. The Putney Community Garden Project is now a reality! One acre of the field across from the Putney Coop has been plowed and planted. We initially created 20 garden plots for members, and two more (one for The Vermont Foodbank and one for the Putney Food shelf), the rest is being planted in buckwheat as a cover crop. We now have 74 plots and two hoop houses. Those interested in a garden plot for 2018 should contact Daniel Hoviss daniel @ putney dot net
  4. We created a local farm directory, with over 60 farms – adding more farms and more details all the time.
  5. We initiated a year-long Reskilling Workshops Series. We have scheduled two workshops per month (the first and third Sundays, 1:30 – 3pm) through June 2011. These workshops are now being confirmed and a committee has formed to handle the logistics for all these events. If interested in joining the Reskilling Workshop team, contact
  6. We launched a monthly educational Speakers/Film Series. Charles Eisenstein was our first speaker. Eisenstein presented July 1st on The Gift Economy.
  7. We have a Localvore Putney group that meets seasonally (maybe monthly) for a potluck of delicious local foods, and to discuss ways to expand the Putney Localvore movement.
  8. We are working with others on a Tools Sharing Project, the Green Bike Project and Bike Task Force, a local currency project, and the possibility of local health care coops and herbal CSA’s.
  9. Transition Putney was featured at Sandglass Theater’s International Puppet Festival in September. We continue to work with restaurants/caterers, to organize localvore meals and promote the re localization of food production and consumption in Putney.
  10. We collaborated with POS on a neighborhood greenhouse project. The first greenhouses will was constructed in 2011 .

These are just some of the initiatives Transition Putney was involved in. As we work to ensure a positive and sustainable future for Putney in the face of the triple challenges of peak oil, climate change, and economic instability, we will continue to be proactive and hopeful in our efforts with others, to help keep Putney vital, vibrant, strong and resilient in the months and years ahead. PLEASE JOIN US!

See the Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins for a complete and inspiring treatment by the Transition movement’s founder.