Dear friends.

The initiators of Transition Putney have done such a wonderful job for almost 3 years.

They have initiated programs, workshops and group events open to all, and have also supported the creation of ongoing projects & working groups such as the farmers market, the community gardens, healthy aging, Discover Putney, One call does it all, the Sustainability group, and more.

As this original core groups steps aside, encouraging others to move Transition Putney forward, each working group has been asked to select a representative to sit on a council for this next phase of Transition Town Putney. We need to have one member from each working group or project on the council in order to continue to function as a Transition initiative and follow the model of Transition town.

A few of us have met as council members, and expect that an enlarged council will begin regular meetings starting later in the autumn – we will announce a meeting schedule shortly. Our intention is to support ideas brought to us from the community at large, and support each group’s goals & needs, bearing in mind the goals of the world-wide Transition movement – working locally to address the reality that oil resources are finite, the challenges of climate change and the  and the economic instability caused by burning so much carbon that the climate changes and it’s effects on the entire planet become alarmingly clear.

While no one could possibly have all the answers and certainly we do not, we are willing to work towards building Putney’s resilience in the time of world transition.

We are all in this town, in this nation and in this world, together. So on we go, working together.

With thanks to the many groups and individuals working for a vibrant future for our town, we humbly work beside you all.

On behalf of the entire Transition Putney Council Group

and with great appreciation from,

Kathleen, Claire & Tiffin