Upcoming Projects

Through projects within the community, Transition Putney hopes to bring together a tightly knit, resourceful, and self-sufficient community.  This action through these projects is one meaningful step towards resiliency within the community.

Transition Putney is about to kick off the summer with many upcoming projects ranging from art to education and writing to biking– all events are open and welcoming to the public and a fantastic way to really get involved in the community and the greater Transition movement.

If you are interested in starting up a project or running an event through the support of Transition Putney, please contact Marion Major at mmajor1@uvm.edu.  She is also available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11:30-2, Thursdays all day, Friday mornings until 1, and Sundays at the Farmers Market.  She’ll be floating around Putney from the General Store to the Coop and in between with a sign welcoming you to talk to her!