Solarize Putney – Making Solar Affordable

The Solarize Putney Project has launched…. visit us at town meeting day or the following kickoff event.

Solarize Putney –  Full Moon – Energy Expo – Benefit Party with music from SIMBA – March 15th starting at 5:00pm at the Putney Community Center.pvawway

This is a benefit event, all door donations will go to the Putney Community Center for weatherization, paint and repairs to the main building. Your donations are appreciated.

Potluck dinner & dessert and music by donation – come one come all bring a dish & be prepared to boogie!

Putney is the first Southern Vermont town to run a Solarize program and we are celebrating this event March 15th.

Event schedule:

  • 5:00 pm Event setup
  • 6:00 pm Potluck dinner and dessert with ice cream and more
  • 6:30 pm Presentations by RGS and Sunward on the economic benefits of going solar
  • 7:00 pm Meet the installers, and sign up for Solarize Putney!
  • 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm or so — Music and Dancing to Simba

The Putney Energy Committee is bringing affordable solar energy to homes and businesses in Putney in 2014.

This is not just any Solarize program; we are offering solar from three different companies; Electricity, domestic heat / hot water and community solar all at low cost, & with incredible incentives! For Putney residents and businesses, this is the Putney ACE (Accelerated Clean Energy) program version 2. Version one of this program weatherized 30 homes in 2012.

The Solarize program works through a bulk purchase arrangement with improved efficiencies for installer crews; where companies agree to lower the cost to the end user because of the quantity of installations in any given area is higher.  This model reduces costs for all participants by providing a competitively tiered pricing structure through the selection of one contractor or set of contractors to coordinate all of the installations.  The savings can be dramatic!  The more home and business owners sign up for systems, the more the price of each system will decrease, and the savings will increase for everyone*. Company rebates are calculated at the end of the program, usually 4 to 6 months.

We have solar electric provided by Real Goods Solar, Community Solar by Soveren, and solar hot water systems by Sunward Systems with their group of installers.

Real Goods Solar has been involved with several Solarize events in Vermont and other parts of the country; they have the experience to handle the logistics of hundreds of installations.
Sunward is a distributor of Solar Hot water system hardware, and they work with numerous installers in the area. Sunward was selected because they are a local Vermont company and can handle the volume and are offering discounts to area residents for the Solarize program.
Soveren Solar is a local (Westminster VT) installer focusing on Community Solar that works. They have many years experience building their own ground mounts, and installing Solar Electric systems – both large and small. Soveren is offering an additional discount for the Solarize program.

The Soveren Community solar system will have the added performance advantage of seasonably adjustable arrays, so panels you own will produce 15 to 20% more electricity than non-adjustable panels that other community solar systems have employed. This is a good investment if you do not have a sunny location to install your own solar system on.

Each company has worked hard to create an attractive pricing structure for solar, so the time is right to sign up. All State and Federal incentives will apply, and there are additional bonus incentives;

Efficiency Vermont is offering additional incentives for anyone that has had a weatherization audit done in the last 2 years, and offers up to $350 for residents and $450 for businesses that go solar and have had home weatherization performed.

  • Real Goods is offering a one time price drop on the deposit amount – normally $1000, it is only $250 up-front – if you sign up for a system on or before the March 15th event.
  • Sunward is offering discounts on all hot water systems, with special discounts on March 15th.
  • Door prizes will be offered at the event.

*The benefit of a Solarize campaign like this really only works if one company (providing one type of solar) is involved; they could not meet their target numbers if more than one company  provides the same service in the same area. This is a tiered pricing model, and each company has a target number of installations and a set price reduction at each tier. Adding more companies providing the same service would be counter productive. This is a short term project – only 4 months long, so act now to save money.


If you are located in the Windham region and want to get your town involved, schedule a site visit or want more information about the Solarize Windham program, visit the website or please contact Tad Montgomery: (802)  251- 0502  For more information on the Solarize Putney program, contact Daniel Hoviss: (802)  254- 1410 or


Go Solar Now


-Daniel Hoviss