What happened to TTP?

On May 5th 2012 the Transition Putney core initiating group officially passed the torch to a new group. In the spirit of Transition groups everywhere, we had what is called the great unleashing. It was a great celebration and we passed on the core group responsibilities with fire (sparklers actually) to a new group of individuals composed of representatives from several of the existing working groups.

This new group did not actually do much, and so it appeared that TTP was defunct. The initial core group was a hard act to follow. While it seems that TTP is not active, that is not the case. Members of the core group held several meetings in 2014 2015 and 2016, we also had two public meetings in 2016.

At those meetings we discussed potential projects and directions for TTP.  Details for an upcomming project and meeting announcements coming soon.

Pryor to May 5th 2012 there were so many events, food and economic summits, and presentations that it seemed like one long transition event, and I can tell you that the pace of events back then was not sustainable, but I can also say that TTP changed Putney in many ways. Those involved know how many initiatives we were involved with to a greater or lessor degree. We were all proud to be part of that exciting time, but all things must pass, and so… please stay tuned.